6 Steps to Better Source For You

With years of international sourcing experience, and numerous complex projects under our belt, we’ve developed a unique process that ensures optimal results for every project. By working methodically through this process, we minimize any “surprises” that could occur along the way, such as extra expenses, delays, and lost or stolen goods. We work hard at every stage of this process to reduce costs, add value, and deliver consistent quality. 
Here’s how it works.

1)  Analyze the need

Evaluate the business requirements and project needs to determine the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

2)  Select the supplier

Identify the location for production and the right supplier for the job based on the analysis conducted in the first step.

3) Calculate the cost

Provide a complete quote that includes not just the production cost, but also factors ranging from transportation to taxes and duties.

4) Monitor the manufacturing

Assign on-site quality and service personnel to oversee production and ensure excellence.

5) Streamline the supply chain

Organize and supervise in-country and country-to-country transportation, ensuring timely delivery and optimal efficiency.

6) Expedite the export

Manage every step of the logistics process all the way through customs clearing for secure, on-time delivery of the final product.