Our History

In 2008, Adriana Peters worked as a manager in China for a big trading company in Shanghai. She specialized in many different fields: OEM, ODM, toys, machinery, construction materials, plastics, raw materials, chemicals, a diversified group of products. Most of the projects she developed required high dedication and professional expertise. With her help, her former company grew rapidly, expanding internationally with offices in 3 continents.

Axis Ray International Group started operating in 2010 providing Sourcing and Trading Services from Asia to new markets in South America. As they partnered with other trading companies in Brazil and in Asia they could better assist their customers, creating new importing and exporting processes.

As a trading company in Asia and with the evolved universe of competitors, Axis Ray guarantees its market with its customers based on the efficiency of its product development, customer relationships and strong process in quality control. Over the years, the company had developed a network of relationships and manufacturers across every segment of the globe. A natural extension of the core business became sourcing our satisfied customers’ total offer configuration.

Nowadays, Axis Ray International Group stands ready to provide a total global trading and sourcing solution. Simply put, if it’s a good, we can ship it for you, being one of the very few sourcing companies that provides true value-add that will delight your consumer and surpass your expectations.

Additionally to the well-located offices, the knowledge gathered in the international market brought Axis Ray ahead of its competitors being able to supply their customers with the best sourcing, and networking in the global supply chain.