Finding The Right Supplier

Being a partner of Axis Ray takes more than simply a willingness to expand one’s business. It takes a commitment to quality and service that matches Axis Ray commitment. The word “match” is the key. Plenty of companies want to build their business through exports, thinking it will be the answer to filling capacity and adding profit. But we know it’s not that simple.

We carefully select our partners and work with them closely to ensure their success. The result has been a long history of win/win relationships. We’re able to help these partners by getting meetings with senior executives of major corporations that, as foreign suppliers, they simply cannot get themselves.

Many companies rely on the fact that we know what to look for and we know how to get it for them. Instead of having to break the code and do everything themselves, they can build on our success. We know how to negotiate in foreign countries with different cultures and traditions. If we need to involve government officials to help with achieving our clients’ goals, we can do it. We work tirelessly to identify and build relationships with best practice suppliers. This ensures that we always deliver the best solution for our clients – selecting the right Strategic Trade Partners for the right job and diligently building a respectful business relationship with each of them.

Every Axis Ray supplier must have:

 Export experience
 Quality certifications
 Established quality control programs and analysts on site
 Multiple facilities for back-up
 Financial stability
 Proactive customer service
 Unique and well-maintained equipment
 Strategic location(s)